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F1Media to Launch new BlueTooth Module series based SiliconLabs’s EFR32BG22 SoC
작성자 : TNBTECH(  작성일 : 2020-08-01   조회수 : 814
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F1Media to Launch new BlueTooth Module series based SiliconLabs’s EFR32BG22 SoC


F1Media specialized in Bluetooth module development, has released high performance and ultra-low priced BLE module supported by TNBTECH, official distributor of SilconLabs in Korea.


F1Media’s F1LS32x2 series are key device to connect each devices by ultra-low power when communicating in IOT application. F1media has realized that with size of 9.15X15.73mm based SiliconLabs SOC solution (EFR32BG22). This low power BLE module supports BT5.2, AoX(Bluetooth Direction Finding) and Bluetooth mesh LPN.


Security connectivity and low power consumption are necessarily required for IOT devices. F1 Media’s F1LS32x2 are designed to meet these requirements as well as economic growth for billions of Bluetooth-equipped IoT devices that will be released over the next few years


The F1LS32x2 series that applied low power M33 core (27 μA/MHz in active mode and 1.2 μA/MHz in slip mode) represents world-wide reading energy efficiency with lowest power consumption in transmitting and receiving (3.6 mA on transmission at 0 dBm, 2.6 mA on receiving) and it increases the life of a coin cell battery by up to 10 years


It also can give right solution for industry’s exacting requirements related with security through RoT (Root of Trust) and Secure Loader.


These new product family optionally provide “0”dBm and “6”dBm to meet requirement of smart home, consumer, Industry and wide range of price of IoT application that requires longer battery life for years.


이전글 마이크로칩, 보도자료_마이크로칩, 8채널 Flashtec® PCIe 4세대 엔터프라이즈 NVMe SSD 컨트롤러 신제품 출시
다음글 에프원미디어, 실리콘랩스의 EFR32BG22 SoC 기반 BLE 모듈 출시